Burning Bullet, LLC. (Hereinafter referred to as “Burning Bullet” or “Company” respectfully) hereby sets the following Terms and Conditions into act as part of Company policy. All terms and conditions are not conditional in any way, and cannot be amended by anyone other than the Managing Members of the Company and will be fully adhered by ownership representatives, contractors, sub-contractors, vendors, suppliers, clients and anyone else not mentioned. Any deviation of said terms and conditions will be grounds for immediate separation of party relationship and/or persecution of any and all state or federal laws that may have been violated.



  • Burning Bullet, LLC. is located in Boise, Idaho. If you’re not personally picking up your firearm from us, you MUST choose an FFL in your local area for us to ship. If you don’t already have one, you can choose a local FFL dealer at: http://fflgundealers.net/. You MUST communicate to your chosen FFL and provide us with their information prior to finalizing your purchase with Burning Bullet. We will contact your selected FFL and exchange license and contact information with them prior to shipping.
  • We cannot and will not ship to your home or office. Under Federal Law, all firearms mush be shipped to a verified Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder.
  • All clients who purchase a firearm(s) either from Burning Bullet or another party, and are planning on picking up said firearm in person at our Boise location, must go through the ATF/NICS background check before Burning Bullet will release any firearm to any client. Notation: If you have already completed an FBI/ATF Firearm background check to obtain a conceal carry permit, you MUST bring your current, conceal carry permit to our Boise, Idaho location during the time of the ATF paperwork appointment to legally pick up your firearm. If you have one and do not bring it, we will not release the firearm to you.
  • Buying a firearm for another person is considered a “Straw Purchase” and is against Federal Law. If we suspect this is happening at any time during the purchase process, we reserve the right to cancel the purchase and will immediately notify law enforcement including but not limited to; local police, ATF and FBI.



  • Prices on partner websites are listed MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price) and are updated according to manufacturer/distributor demands. As such, these prices are subject to change without notice.
  • All products (and subsequent pricing) are subject to distributor and manufacturer availability. Burning Bullet does not guarantee pricing and availability longer than 24 hours after customer notification. After 24 hours, pricing is subject to change based on manufacturer/distributor availability and price.
  • All payments for firearms must be made in full to Burning Bullet prior to the company ordering said product.
  • Sales tax will be collected for the total amount of taxable products from the client’s respective tax location (either state, county or city).
  • All sales are final and no returns will be accepted. We encourage you to inspect your firearm for damage and functionality prior to accepting. Once it leaves our possession, any further claims must be made by the purchaser, directly to the manufacturer.
  • Once the client has taken possession of the firearm, refunds will not be accepted.
  • If the client is denied a firearm transfer from The National Instant Criminal Background Check System, (NICS) a full refund will be returned to the client, (by company check only) within seven (7) working days, minus a 25% restocking fee (of the total purchase price).
  • If the client is denied a firearm transfer from The National Instant Criminal Background Check System, (NICS) due to the firearm being restricted or prohibited in their specific city and/or state, a full refund will be returned to the client, (by company check only) within seven (7) working days, minus a 25% restocking fee (of the total purchase price).
  • Notation:
    • It is the sole responsibility of the Client to research their specific local, state and federal laws, prior to placing and order with Burning Bullet, and be in compliance with said, local, state and federal laws. Burning Bullet, LLC. accepts no responsibility for the clients’ negligence in their local, state and federal compliance.



  • Check / Cashier’s Check:
    • We accept personal checks and cashier’s checks as a form of payment however, no third party or company checks will be accepted.
    • All checks must clear the banking process prior to Burning Bullet placing the order with the partner distributor, which could take 3-5 business days.
    • All returned checks are processed by the bank twice before deemed insufficient. Per Idaho statute (28-22-105) a $20.00 returned check fee will be applied on every occurrence. This cost will be separate from any other purchase and subject to be paid prior to delivery of said purchase.
    • If an insufficient check process (as described above) happens twice, throughout the entire relationship with said client, Burning Bullet has the right to refuse to accept checks from client for future business transactions.
  • Cash:
    • Cash is always welcome and is currently the fastest way to secure your firearm purchase from our partner distributors.
    • There are no cash discounts at this time.
  • Credit Card:
    • We’re happy to announce we now accept Visa & Master Card through our partnership with Payroc Payment Solutions. Banking institutions consider the firearm industry as “high-risk” and due to this classification, there is a 2.95% transaction fee.



  • Many cities and states have restrictions that prohibit certain types of firearms and products. Burning Bullet, LLC. waives all responsibility to the client to be in compliance with local, state and federal laws regarding the legal possession, use and/or resale of any firearm or product purchased by Burning Bullet.
  • The products include but are not limited to; Firearms, Ammunition, High Capacity Magazines (pre-ban and law enforcement only), Knives, Pepper Spray and other items.
  • When you place an order from Burning Bullet for products that may have restrictions, you certify to the company, that you are a legal adult without legal restrictions and are in compliances with all local, state and federal laws.
  • Check all local, state and federal laws prior to placing and order with Burning Bullet.



  • Burning Bullet, LLC. observes the following holidays and will be closed:
    • Friday, January 1 – New Year’s Day
    • Monday, February 15 – President’s Day
    • Monday, May 31 – Memorial Day
    • Friday, July 2 – Independence Day Weekend
    • Saturday, July 3 – Independence Day Weekend
    • Monday, September 6 – Labor Day
    • Thursday, November 11 – Veterans Day
    • Thursday, November 25 – Thanksgiving Day
    • Friday, December 24 – Christmas Eve
    • Saturday, December 25 – Christmas Day
    • Friday, December 31 – New Year’s Day


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