If you’re not picking up your firearm at our Boise location, Burning Bullet will ONLY transfer ownership of a firearm to individuals or agencies in possession of a valid Federal Firearms License (FFL).  This means we cannot ship directly to you unless you are an FFL holder. If you’re not an FFL, click HERE to find a local FFL near you. We do NOT ship to PO Boxes.

Remember – It is your responsibility:

  • To ensure that a firearm is legal to own in your state, county and/or city.
  • To contact the FFL in your area and to provide us with their contact information. We will contact them to exchange business license and company information. This is a crucial part of the transfer process and will allow for a smooth and speedy transaction for all parties involved.
  • To complete all required paperwork when you pick up your firearm from your local FFL dealer.

It is a routine practice for your local FFL dealer to charge a transfer fee at the time of your firearm pick up. This transfer fee is strictly between you and your local FFL dealer. Please check with your local FFL dealer concerning their policies and procedures. You do not pay Burning Bullet, LLC. the transfer fee. Certain dealers also apply sales tax. Again, this is between you and your FFL dealer. Burning Bullet, LLC. only collects sales tax if you reside in Idaho and pick up your firearm at our Boise location.

Burning Bullet ships firearms via UPS. The shipping and handling charge covers the cost of standard shipping unless the customer needs expedited delivery service. If you require expedited delivery service, the shipping fees will be greater and may require to go through another carrier (via FedEx). You must notify us during the firearm purchasing procedure for a quote if you require expedited shipping. If you do not, standard shipping service and fees will be calculated.

Shipping insurance is offered through UPS and FedEx. Rates will vary depending on the destination location. A representative of Burning Bullet will notify you of all shipping and insurance rates prior to finalizing the purchasing process and shipping the firearm. Shipping insurance is optional however, Burning Bullet is not responsible for uninsured items lost or damaged in transit.

Orders process and ship within 3-7 business days upon receipt of full payment and valid FFL information.

Contact us to learn more about our shipping policy

(208) 696-2171
Vince Raciti, Owner